The Mayo Street Team

The Mayo Street Team

As you would expect, the McCaw’s are ably assisted by a wider team of volunteers all committed to sharing the Gospel with the Mayo Street community.

Brian Higginson was a member of Mayo Street Sunday School when he was 4/5 years old, being sent along with his older sister. Brian’s mother, who attended the hall for over 40 years, wanted her children to have the best possible start in life.

Brian writes “In my early years at Sunday School, the hall, which was also the local Primary School, was packed with children/young people, as then everyone attended Sunday School.  In 1963, the Missionary, William Peden, asked me at the age of 16 to take a Sunday School class.  So here I am, 53 years later, still teaching in the Mayo Street Hall. ”

“‘Why am I still here?’ you might ask. Well, that is easy to answer.  The object of our Sunday School is the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among boys and girls, and if I, with God’s help, can do anything to accomplish that, then those years of teaching will have been worthwhile.  It is rewarding to see parents and grandparents, who themselves were taught in the Sunday School, bringing their children and grandchildren along now.”

Jamie Tate and her big sister Lynsay Tate help in Sunday School.

Sandra Douey, Charlotte Lavery, Caleb McCaw, Cameron McCaw, David Nesbitt, Julie Tracey and Ian Wilson are part of our  Kids Club team!